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The mixed bag

Open to interpretation

31 August
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I'm an aspiring nurse who is easygoing , open minded and somewhat geeky :P I'm not very good at describing myself so this will be a rather short entry.
a midsummer nights dream, adventure quest worlds, africa, african art, african cultures, american dad, amina of zau zau, andrew zimmern, anime, anthony bourdain, anti racism, arthurian legends, asian art, astrology, auric blends, avengened sevenfold, babies, bacon cheeseburgers, bad webcomics, baking, bangkok dangerous, beck, bleeding through, bone thugs n harmony, bpal, cats, celtic mythology, child welfare, children, china, chinese astrology, chocolate, chocolate and mint, coca cola, coffee, cooking, dark elves, dave chappelle, demeter fragrance library, disturbed, domestic violence awareness, dominic durgan, dragonfable, drowning pool, elder care, erotic fantasy stories, family guy, fantasy, feminism, final fantasy, forest nymphs, forests, fort minor, futurama, gaming, heliophile, hello kitty, hp lovecraft, human rights, human weapon, ice cream, irish art, jan dara, japan, legend of the seeker, leontyne price, lgbt rights, liberalism, linkin park, live, lord byron, lotr . lotr trilogy, love, lust caution, macbeth, martial arts, meat lovers pizza, metal music, morrowind, my chemical romance, mythology, nickelback, nursing, ong bak, otherkin, pantera, perfume, pink diamonds, possets perfume, pro immigration, queens of langkasuka, raphsody, reading, romance, rpgs, sex worker rights, smacking down trolls, staind, system of a down, tasteless puns, thai culture, the color pink, the simallrion (sp?), the simpsons, the strokes, the used, thunderstorms, ti, toy dogs, tristan & isolde, unwritten law, vampires, warm weather, wayfarer redemption, women's issues, writing poetry, wu tang clan, ywibaysfb